Wedding Photography Over The Years

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A wedding is a very special occasion in a person’s life. Each person wants the memories of the wedding day to last forever, and what better way to do that than by capturing the moments in photographs and saved in wedding albums? While the emotion behind wedding photography remains the same, there have been significant changes in the way photography has evolved over the years and even in the way the photographs are preserved. 

Earlier, wedding photography was just like any other form of photography. The techniques used in photography were also the same as in other forms of photography. One only hired experienced and professional photographers in order to ensure that the wedding albums looked perfect. Since photo cameras used film which was expensive and it was not possible to know the final outcome of the photographs till the film was completely over and developed, both the photographers and the clients were very conscious of the number of photographs being taken and their content. Wedding photography ideas were limited and the best wedding photographers concentrated on capturing the bride and groom in set poses. Wedding photography packages included photographs with wedding guests, pictures of the bride’s and groom’s dresses as well as studio portraits of the bride and groom. It was unheard of to shoot wedding photography outdoors. The focus was to capture the most important portions of the wedding only.

A generation or two later, wedding photography became more specialized and started occupying a prominent place in the wedding planning process. Kerala’s wedding trends were changing including wedding dress trends, bridal jewelry trends, the venues chosen for holding the weddings, and even the number of functions associated with the wedding. Wedding photography in Kerala also took on a more professional approach, taking a more personalized tone. Wedding hosts and guests started taking an interactive interest in the photography process, often offering opinions on how they wanted to be photographed. Digital cameras also came into existence, offering wedding photographers more flexibility with the number of photographs they could take and allowing clients the opportunity to choose from among the many photographs clicked. 

The influence of movies soon caught up with the average Malayali, with post-wedding photoshoots and videography adding to the list of services being provided by wedding photographers. The backwaters, houseboats, and the natural beauty of Kerala provided inspiration for elaborate wedding photography outdoors. With drone cameras becoming popular, it became much easier to give new perspectives to wedding photoshoots. 

For the past several years, there has been a viral trend in Kerala of capturing ‘Save The Date’ photographs to announce the wedding on social media and to circulate among friends and family. The save-the-date pictures also serve as a memory of a pre-wedding event that the couple shared with each other. The photoshoots have also become more relaxed and informal, with more focus on capturing emotions and the fun elements surrounding the wedding couple than the typical formal group photos that were a familiar feature of yesteryears. 

Current Trends In Wedding Photography

With wedding photography becoming a booming industry that is specialized and creative, and with couples and their families willing to spend more on capturing memories of the wedding, there are a few new trends that have emerged over the years. 

Portrait Photography

A far cry from the emotionless, staid studio photos of the wedding couple that were a norm of yesteryears, today’s brides and grooms look for ways to have the images reflect their personalities, emotions and chemistry. They are open to exploring new venues, themes, poses and costumes and have clear ideas of what they want to be included in their photos and what they wish to remove. 

Candid Photography

From the time of the wedding preparations to the various pre-wedding functions, the actual wedding ceremony, and post-wedding festivities, the wedding photographers are now tasked with capturing the fun, the sentiments, and every significant event that is part of the couple’s wedding without it looking like a staged photo. It is also in fashion to hire a photographer who specializes in candid photography in addition to the regular wedding photographer. 

Destination Photography

Destination weddings are fast gaining popularity in Kerala with couples choosing to use the natural beauty of the land to enhance the look of their photos. Even couples who do not hold destination weddings choose to hold pre and post wedding photoshoots at the best scenic locations so as to include them in their cherished memories of the wedding. Often, couples from outside Kerala also choose to hold wedding photoshoots here because of the natural beauty and splendour exuded by the destinations. 

Drone Photography

As with all other forms of photography, wedding photographers have also embraced the concept of drone photography. With exceptional imaging capabilities and intelligent flight modes, drones have made it possible for wedding photographers to creatively script beautiful narratives around the wedding. It offers multiple perspectives to the same moment, making it possible to capture the essence of the wedding more artistically. 

No matter what the trends are, wedding photography continues to be a mainstay of Kerala weddings, as with weddings across the globe. Wedding photographers are now creative artists who visualize and design memorable moments that the bride and groom can cherish all their lives. 

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