Five Ways To Always Look Fantastic In Photos

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There is absolutely no one who is happy with all the photographs that they are a part of. Even the most beautiful people with a lot of good looking images have their bad hair days or days when they just can’t put on a smile or have a zit on their face or even a bloated tummy that shows up unexpectedly in a photo. How to look good in photos is an art in itself, one that takes practice and conscious effort. Here, we share a few tips on how to give poses for photos even without using filters or special effects in your photos.

Learn Your Best Angle

Look at previous photos taken of yourself and see what you liked and did not like about them. Practise posing in front of a mirror to see which poses highlight your best features and cover up your problem areas. Certain kinds of clothing, colours and hairstyle may also make a difference to how you look in a photograph. You may want to practise various smiles in your mirror selfie poses to see which ones suit you the best. Also, the right makeup, and in the right amounts, can alter your appearance in subtle and sometimes very obvious ways. 

Change Your Pose Often

Staying in the same pose for a long time can cause the end result to look stiff, frozen, or artificial. Play around with various poses by turning your body to one side or just moving your head to a different angle or even just putting a foot forward for an entirely different effect. Along with the pose, it helps to change your expressions even if it is just a slight change. If you are posing along with another person or in a group, it is a good idea to connect with the other person through a touch or a look. Photo acting can also come out very well, so do not hesitate to add an expression that you may not be feeling at the moment if it looks good on camera. 

Use A Prop

Often, the most awkward part of a photo pose is the way the hands are dangling to the side or the angle of the arms. The best way to rid yourself of that problem is to actually give your hands something to do. Holding on to a prop can provide an anchor to your hands as well as adding interest to the photograph. Anything can be a prop – a purse, a pair of sunglasses, a coffee mug or just a bunch of keys. You can also use your body as a prop by playing with your hair or running your hand over the flare of your dress. 

Feel Good About Yourself

The best photographs are not about how perfect you look but how natural and confident you are in front of the camera. It is important that you feel good about yourself, because it is directly reflected in the photographs taken of you. By relaxing your mind by listening to some music, reading a book, dressing up with your favourite cosmetics or jewellery, you can project a more positive and confident face for your photographs. Again, practising with mirror poses can help to curb inhibitions and feel more self-assured. 

Choose A Good Professional Photographer 

While it is not always possible to hire a professional photographer for all your photographs, it is best to leave special moments in the hands of an expert. A good professional photographer will not only have the right equipment to take good looking pictures, he / she will also be able to offer suggestions on how to pose for photos whether they are solo or group photos, family photoshoot outfit ideas, the best lighting and angles for facial photography etc. In effect, a professional photographer can, in most cases, make you look much better in photographs than you would when taking a selfie or getting a friend or an amateur photographer to take the same pictures.

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