Birthday Photoshoot: What You Need To Keep In Mind

birthday photoshoot

Birthday celebrations are very special, not only for the person celebrating the birthday but also for the family and friends who are a part of it. The best way to capture and preserve those special moments and memories is in the form of photographs. Annual birthday photography gives you a way to create mementos of the year for yourself and your loved ones. Birthday party photography and birthday candid photography are gaining in popularity because they help to capture the essence of the birthday boy / girl during that year and are a way to celebrate new beginnings. It is also a great chance to dress up, feel like a star and let yourself enjoy a bit – sort of a birthday gift to yourself!

Special Birthday Photoshoots

Birthday photography is for everyone. Every birthday is a reminder of how well a life has been lived and of hope for the coming year. Of late, there are photoshoots held to commemorate special periods of life and there are professional photographers who specialise in certain kinds of birthday photography alone.

Pre Birthday Photoshoot

The first year of a baby’s life sees rapid growth and changes and pre birthday photoshoots capture the growth of the baby a few weeks prior to the actual first birthday. The reason these photoshoots are gaining popularity is because it helps capture the innocent features and various moods of the baby as well as his / her bonding with the parents and immediate family in a calm environment, unlike the time of the first birthday party when there are a lot of extended family and friends vying for the baby’s attention. 

First Birthday Photoshoot

A baby’s first birthday is a cherished time for his / her parents and a lifetime memory for the baby. Trending 1st birthday photoshoot ideas centre around the cake smash photography, outdoor photos of the baby, photos with immediate and extended family and of the grand birthday party. It also helps the parents acknowledge the people who supported them through the first year of parenthood and create memories with them.

Child’s Birthday Photoshoot

As the child grows from infant to toddler, then teenager and a young adult, he / she undergoes a lot of changes physically as well as in personality. Birthday photography poses over the years are a great keepsake of the way the child has evolved over the years. Childhood passes by so quickly that sometimes it seems impossible to fill them all in our memory. This is where photographs come handy, and every birthday photo is a reminder of how you celebrated the birthday that year, and who were present at the time to share your joy. 

Elderly Birthday Photography

Birthdays are extra special for the elderly. Often, it is filled with nostalgia and gathering of loved ones who shower affection on the person celebrating the birthday. Commemorating their birthday with a grand birthday photoshoot can not only make them feel happy, it can also be a great way for them to recall the celebration at a later date. Most often, relatives and friends who they may have lost touch with or who stay far away from them become part of the celebrations and photographs capture all these memories beautifully. 

Birthday Photography Ideas

There are some basics that you would cover for every birthday photoshoot – birthday pictures with cake, the decor, the birthday girl/boy, and the group photos. To make the photographs become memorable, it is important to go beyond the typical shots that you see at every birthday party. Here are some tips you could use for great photography:

  • Candid Shots – In addition to the standard birthday photography poses, focus on capturing candid shots of the guests that have some sort of a narrative, and try to include all of the guests in at least one of the shots. 
  • Capture the Expressions – Keep an eye out for expressions of joy, excitement, surprise or just someone having fun! It is important to be alert because some of the expressions may be blink-and-you-may-miss-it. 
  • Change Perspectives – The same scenes can generate more interest and a new perspective when viewed from a different angle. For example, try taking a photo from the top of a child looking up. Close up shots can also provide unique perspectives. 
  • Tripod for Group Pictures – There will definitely be requests for group photos and it is important that the guests are documented in the birthday photography. The best time for group photos is just before the cutting of the cake, when the maximum number of guests are available. 
  • It Is Never Too Much – Always take more photos than you need. Especially when taking pictures of children or animals, their movements are swift and unpredictable and photos can come out blurry and unfocused. 

Do You Need A Professional Birthday Photographer?

While it is possible to take birthday photos on one’s own, hiring a professional photographer can make things much easier on the host as well as ensuring that none of the special moments get missed out. With a million and one things to take care of, the host can be relieved of this major responsibility allowing him / her to have more time to enjoy the party. Also, if the host ends up taking the photos, it is quite likely that he / she will not be there in most of the photos. A professional photographer will also have better photography equipment to take better quality photos of the event. 

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